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I started my musical career in bands during the early 90’s including local Devon based line-up Dr Frank. My interest in songwriting grew as Dr Frank went on to perform 100% original material culminating in a move to London. I consequently became involved with a Pink Floyd Tribute taking me all over the UK performing at theatres and festivals including venues such as O2 Indigo London, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Cambridge Corn Exchange & Royal Concert Hall Glasgow. Eventually, I made the decision to go solo and commit to full time music with many performances in Devon as a solo acoustic act performing a unique combination of covers and original songs. My first self-penned album, ‘Bound to the Ocean’ was released in 2017. My’ music reflects influences such as Simon & Garfunkel, The Eagles, Passenger, John Mayer and Queen. My emotive, contemplative and easy-on-the-ear creations are borne from experiences and personalities which crossed my path in the lead up to the album.


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